Pintle Hitch

So, what is a pintle hook? It is a kind of tow hitch normally used for heavy-duty towing. The hitch consists of 2 pieces and is mounted to the vehicle using a plate or a hitch receiver. You can close such a hook around a pintle or lunette ring mounted on a trailer.

To operate a commercial vehicle with a pintle hook, the driver has to have a Class A CDL license, that features a pintle hook restriction. However, pintle hooks for towing can be installed on the regular cars and trucks that are used for towing.

What is a pintle hook?

Pintle hitches are trusted products that are used for heavy-duty specialized towing in construction, military, agriculture, and certain other applications. They are selected since they feature a simple design and extremely high weight capacity.

pintle hitches

The basic construction of a pintle hitch is a combination of a hook and a loop. A hook is mounted to the vehicle, while the loop is attached to the trailer. The simple design ensures ease of secure coupling when pintle hitches are used. Besides, they feature thick metal construction and withstand extremely high loads.

Who uses vehicles equipped with pintle hooks?

These are used by industries such as:

  • electrical utilities;
  • department of highways;
  • construction;
  • trades requiring large trailers (between 10,000 and 60,000 lbs).

What is the most popular pintle hook in the US?

We have conducted our own research and surveyed over 1.500 US car and truck owners. The results showed, that the most popular pintle hitches among the US truck owners are ones that fit 2’’ receiver tube. Also, people noted, that they have selected pintle hooks that feature gross trailer weight capacity of 20.000 lbs and prefer the construction with a solid shank. Such pintle hooks can easily complement the majority of class 5 trailer hitches.

As for the brands US drivers prefer, see the chart below:

  • Curt - 31%
  • TowReady - 26%;
  • Smittybilt - 18%;
  • Warn - 9%;
  • Reese Towpower - 6%;
  • Ultra Tow - 4%;
  • Other brands (selected by under 1% of respondents) - 6%.

When selecting any towing equipment, including pintle hooks, never exceed the lowest (min) weight capacity noted for any towing component (make sure you know this information for your vehicle, trailer, hitch, and any aftermarket towing components you use).

When you use your vehicle for heavy-duty towing on a regular basis, get ready to notice signs of wear on your towing equipment. When selecting a pintle hitch, it is a good idea to select products that feature durable and corrosion-resistant finish. This does not mean, that finish will never show signs of wear and tear, but such pintle hitches, lunette eyes, and combination pintle hitches will definitely last longer. Usually, these towing products are covered with heavy-duty black powder coating, that is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and rust. Yet, even this coating will show signs of wear with time.

Pintle hook attachment specifications

Dependable towing & reliable connection between a large truck and towable. Quality pintle hitches offer a secure towing connection between a towing vehicle and a heavy-duty trailer. This connection is reliable enough to be used in agriculture, commercial, construction, and military heavy-duty applications. You can find a variety of pintle hitch options and applications, that feature different weight capacity options, different materials, and different setup.

The most popular products

  • ball and pintle hitch combinations;
  • pintle mount plates;
  • pintle hooks;
  • bolt-on pintle hitches;
  • lunette rings;
  • receiver mount pintle hitches.

Key features of quality aftermarket pintle hitches

  • Solid steel configuration that ensures max strength;
  • Durable protective black powder coating or other protective finish;
  • A variety of weight capacity options to meet different towing needs (up to 60.000 lbs);
  • If you have a lifted truck, make sure you pick a deep drop pintle mount.

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